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There are very many cases involving violation of Human Rights in the UAE but which are not noticeable easily to the outside world. A high handed action of the UAE officials is to be added to the list of such violations of Human Rights.

Here in this case, the UAE authority cowardly committed cruelty and discrimination against a victim of police brutality. On the other hand, both the courts in Abu Dhabi, including Supreme Court, the legal court of appeal, were fully satisfied and praised the conduct of the victim throughout the judicial proceedings.

A businessman from India, Jabir’s office was ransaked by the police and money and documents were looted. Jabir was chained and tortured and later confined to an underground police station where his rutheless torture continued. Later he was taken to central prison of Abu Dhabi.

There he was arbitrarily detained for a year. The crucial part of this case, as recognized by the court, it was the handiwork of a police officer for personal gain. The police officer accepted his guilt in the court. The other two policemen involved in the case declared, that they were misguided by the police officer. The court instructed the authorities to take steps against the police officer who was guilty.

In the wake of the judicial findings by the Court, all the assets illegally taken away should have been restored to the victim; his former status and position should have been restored and he should have been adequately compensated for the mental agony and suffering as well as pecuniary losses and loss of his dignity. Unfortunately, the police officials acted in total defiance of the findings and the verdict of the UAE Courts.

They resorted to high handed behaviour by deporting Jabir back to India in total disregard of the pronouncements made by the highest Court of the land. Jabir endeavoured to seek justice against the high-handed action of the police officials and the Government of UAE under which they were functioning.

The offending State of UAE which is responsible vicariously for the crimes, torts and other illegal actions of its officials. The situation in which a citizen of India is totally deprived of his property has, it is respectfully submitted, its constitutional implications.
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