Jabir's Assets Case - SIC Orders, Kerala State

"Departmental action against the respondents has been recommended by Shri.Vinson M Paul, the State Chief Information Commissioner (SIC), Kerala, under RTI Act"
View the SIC, Kerala Orders in Jabir's Assets Case, Under RTI Act


Mr. Abdul Jaleel, the person to whom a Power of Attorney was given by the applicant, Mr.
Panikkaveettil K. Jabir, to take possession and care of his establishments and assets in Abu
Dhabi, in good faith (Vide Proceedings No.646/96, Abu Dhabi Court), while the applicant was
under ‘illegal detention’ in Abu Dhabi, in defiance of the orders of the Apex Court of that
country. Abdul Jaleel is the person accused of committing fraud and embezzling more than 30
crore (INR) from the assets of applicant. A complaint subsequently filed in the Court of Judicial
Magistrate of 1st Class, (JFCM/MP 6066/08) Chavakkad, was forwarded to the Sub Inspector
of Police, Guruvayur for investigation, under proceedings in Crime 437/08, dt. 11-06-2008.

Due to the unusual delay on investigation, the applicant filed a Writ Petition under WP (C)
No.15905 of 2009 against the investigation of the Sub Inspector of Police, Guruvayoor, in the
Hon'ble High Court of Kerala for directing the CBI or any other official Agency to investigate the
Crime. In the aforesaid circumstances, the learned Government pleader on instruction
submitted a copy of the investigation report in Crime 437/08 that was submitted before the
Judicial Magistrate of 1st Class, Chavakkad, on 19.05.2009.

In the investigation report of the Sub Inspector of Police, Guruvayur, the person(s) deliberately
quoted that the applicant was punished for a term of one year in Abu Dhabi and after the term
of punishment, he was deported to India in 1997. The investigation report concludes that, the
'Ramla Electro-Mechanical Est'., does not belong to the applicant, and the license holder is Mr.
Isa Ahmed Jafar of Abu Dhabi. Therefore, the agency has been closed the investigation as
"Mistake of Fact".

It was as a result of the said report of the Sub Inspector of Police, Guruvayur that the Writ
Petition of this applicant for conducting the investigation by a competent Agency other than the
Sub Inspector of Police, was turned down by the High Court of Kerala.
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"Departmental action against the respondents under RTI Act" 
 View the SIC, Kerala Orders in Jabir's Assets Case, Under RTI Act

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